How it Works

Registration is free and once registered users will be able to upload the audiovisual file to the website, together with details required for the test certificate and payment card details. When the file is uploaded and the first screening of the file carried out, a confirmation of successful upload and estimated time of completion will be sent by email to the user.

Once the test is complete, the user will receive the test certificate by e-mail, which will either be a ‘passed’, ‘passed with caution’ or ‘failed’. The certificate will include frame by frame analysis of failed submissions together with an indication of what caused it to fail. The e-mail will also contain proof, later followed by a VAT invoice emailed afterwards.

The service will run 24/7 and should provide almost immediate test certificates. The service will run on multiple analysis channels with segmentation for short files (under 5 minutes) and longer files. This means that the submission of long files should not delay the processing of short files.

The maximum size of files currently allowed is set to 4GB. Should you need to submit larger files than this, please contact

Submissions will be deleted after testing has been completed (although not immediately) but test certificates will be permanently stored for our own records.

The test certificates are accepted by the Advertising Standards Authority as proof of compliance with the guidelines, should they investigate complaints on flashing images in advertisements.

For more information, please contact